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Operating System


September 18, 2016
Published By : Pratik Kataria
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What is operating system?

  • Computer = set of resources
    • Processors, memory, I/O & communication devices
  • OS
    • Enable use of resources
    • Manage resources
    • The low-level software that supports a computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks and controlling peripherals
  • Resources not limited to hardware

OS Model


Operating system components

  • Processor scheduler
  • Memory manager
  • I/O manager
  • ¬†Inter-process communication manager
  • ¬†File system manager

Operating system booting

  • Booting is a bootstrapping process that starts OS when the user turns on computer system
  • Boot sequence is set of operations the computer performs when it is switched on that load an operating system
  • During bootstrapping, the kernel is loaded into memory and begins to execute.
  • A variety of initialization tasks are performed and then the system is made available to users
  • The primitive loader program that can load and execute the boot program is called Bootstrap program, and it is typically stored in ROM.
  • On start up, computer automatically reads the bootstrap program.
  • The boot program is generally stored on disk with predetermined address, called boot sector.
  • The boot program then loads the operating system into memory, this is called bootstrapping.