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NoSQL Performance Tuning


September 13, 2016
Published By : Pratik Kataria
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  • OS Tuning : Try “tuned” – best when used in staging/load testing environment under realistic load.
  • Storage Tuning : RAID 10, Ext4 or XFS, Delaysharding with better I/O, SSD + FlashCache – shutterflytested
  • Database Tuning :
    • Database configuration
    • Option to disable services
    • Database monitoring tools
    • Database network monitoring tools
    • Sharding / Replicating
  • Load Testing :
    • Why load test?
      • validate upgrades
      • validate fixes
      • validate platform and hardware changes
      • validate multiples of production loads
    • Options for load testing
      • Benchmark load testing
      • Disk I/O load testing
      • Real traffic load testing


Pratik Kataria is currently learning Springboot and Hibernate.
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