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Exception Handling (C++)

April 24, 2016
Published By : Pratik Kataria
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Create a c++ class named Television that has data members to hold the model no.,
screen size and price. Member functions include overloaded insertion and 
extraction operators. If more than 4 digits are entered call the model if screen 
size is smaller than 12 and greater than 70 inches or if price is negative or 
over $5000 then provide the . Write a main function that instantiates a 
television object which allows users to enter data and display data members. 
If an exception is caught then replace all data members with 0.


using namespace std;

class Television{

    int modelno;
    double cost;
    double size;
        modelno = 0;
        cost = 0;
        size = 0;

    friend istream& operator >>(istream&input, Television &t){
        int flag = 0;
        cout<<"Enter Model Number:"<<endl;
        cout<<"Enter Cost of TV:"<<endl;
        cout<<"Enter size of TV:"<<endl;
            if(t.modelno > 999) throw(1);
        catch(int i){
                cout<<"Model Number cannot be less than 999"<<endl;
                flag = 1;
            if(t.size<12 || t.size>70) throw(2);
        catch(int i){
            if(i == 2){
                cout<<"The screen size cannot be smaller than 12 inches or greater than 70 inches."<<endl;
                flag = 1;
            if(t.cost<0 || t.cost>5000) throw(3);
        catch(int i){
            if (i==3){
                cout<<"The cost cannot be negative or greater than $5000"<<endl;
                flag = 1;
        if(flag == 1)
            t.modelno = 0;
            t.cost = 0;
            t.size = 0;
    friend ostream& operator <<(ostream&output, Television &t){
        output<<"Model Number of TV: "<<t.modelno<<endl;
        output<<"Cost of TV: "<<t.cost<<endl;
        output<<"Size of TV: "<<t.size<<endl;


int main(){

    Television t;
    return 0;


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